Leveling Platforms

Aluminum electro-hydraulic ramp

Stationary aluminum electro-hydraulic ramp allows you to align the loading platform and the truck body (+ 250 / -295 mm) so that the load is firmly fixed on the load platform. To install, you need a pit. The lifting capacity of the trailer is 6000 kg. The lift is made of anodized aluminum, and therefore has anti-corrosion properties. Main ramp parts: frame, hydraulic system, steel platform and visor, control units. In addition, protective buffers are protected.


Steel electro-hydraulic ramp

Compensation for the difference between the level of the vehicle and the loading / unloading platform. Easy to control and easy to operate.
The stationary electro-hydraulic ramp allows the loading platform and truck body (+ 250 / -295 mm) to align the height so that the load is firmly fixed to the loading platform. To install, you need a pit.

Powerful electro-hydraulic ramps are designed to compensate for the height between the vehicle and the platform. Nominal load – 6/10/15 tons.
PROVIDING a 24-month warranty on an electro-hydraulic ramp and 5-year warranty assembly work.


A durable and lightweight aluminum leveling platform TMPEDANE (Italy) is an economical choice if the flow rate is not intense. We offer a wide range of leveling platforms that are resistant to corrosion and do not require high maintenance costs. Nominal load for aluminum leveling platform 4-6 tons.

PROVIDE 24-month warranty on leveling platforms and 5-year warranty assembling work.


Insulating tape so that the ramps protect the cold space from heat while warm from harsh external conditions such as wind, rain, and snow. The insulation tape is made of composite polyester, so it is safe and resistant to external mechanical effects.

40% ENERGY COSTS can be saved using sealing strips. It will smooth the air temperature in the warehouse.

3 mm BIEZS PVC fabric is secured in accordance with EU standards – DIN EN ISO 2286-3. The sealing tape is resistant to external mechanical influences.

We offer a 24 month guarantee for insulation strips and 5 year warranty assemblies.