NEW !!! Super-automatic garage gate ALUTECH Levigato

Electric drive garage gate ALUTECH Levigato

Bright innovative design.
Unique led lighting.
Maximum functionality.
High-speed model.
The new ALUTECH automatic ruler – it’s reliable, proven solutions for safe and comfortable management of various types of gates.
The new automation ruler was developed on the line AN-Motors, a perfectly proven market for 7 years.
Including the best experience and the advanced idea, automation ALUTECH is a product of a qualitatively new level, is developed by taking into account the main features of the operating conditions of all the climatic zones of the CIS.

-LG-600F Maximum goal area is 8.4 m2.
Maximum speed – 0,2 m / s.
-LG-800 The maximum gate area is 11.2 m2.
Maximum speed – 0,15 m / s.
-LG-1000F Maximum area of ​​the gate – 16,0 m2.
Maximum speed – 0,2 m / s.
-LG-1200 Maximum area of ​​the gate is 18.6 m2.
Maximum speed – 0,15 m / s.

Features and benefits for Alutech Automation:

  • Built-in LED illumination is a patented, constructive solution for ALUTECH
  • Conceptual design developed for leading Italian designers
  • High quality and precision manufacturing for hull elements
  • High operating resource – no less than 30,000 cycles, equivalent to 20 years of daily use
  • Operation in wide voltage range: 160 – 270V
  • Possibility to control the illumination in the courtyard and to control the built-in lighting by means of a remote control, and to turn off the timer illumination
  • Simple and intuitive interface configurations, quick setup of limit positions in one click
  • Wide range of applications – garage gates with area up to 18,6 m2



  • Drive with built-in control unit and receiver
  • remote control – 2 pcs.
  • assembly kit
  • installation and operation instructions.

* Needs to supplement the technological rails. The length of the technological rack is selected from the height of the automated gate. Technological traction type – with chain or belt drive – you can choose

Technical data LG-600F LG-800 LG-1000F LG-1200
Maximum tightening force, Nm 600 800 1000 1200
Maximum speed (idling speed), m / s 0,2 0,15 0,2 0,15
Speed ​​at rated power, m / s 0,185 0,128 0,185 0,128
Rated power consumption, W 280 220 400 330
Power consumption in standby mode (no more), W 4
Continuous operation (no less), min 20
Intensity, cycles per hour 18
Degree of protection of drive IP 20
Drive working temperature range -20ºС …+50ºС
Resource not less than 30 000 cycles

Additional accessories:

-Foto element LM-L
-remote 4k ALUTECH AT-4N
-AR-1-500N radio tuner
-SL -U lamps
-Rails with teeth belt for garage door series Levigato
-Lines with a chain of Levigato series garage gates.

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