Garage gates

Garage door production experience has accumulated for several years.
Sectional gates is distinguished by the highest quality materials and ensures a high degree of safety and comfortable conditions throughout it’s lifetime.These gates can be opened vertically without requiring additional space.
Sandwich type gate design (steel-foamed polyurethane-steel).
Panel thickness 42 mm. Color can be chosen (by RAL-card). Surface structure – imitation wood. Fingerprint protection.
Warranty – 2 years, anti-corrosion guarantee – 10 years.
Made individually, by size. Suitable for both the environment and the owner’s tastes.
Contact phones:
phone / fax: (+371) 6713 7970
mob .: (+371) 2911 7424
mob .: (+371) 2834 0005
mob .: (+371) 2619 9007

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