ALUZINC – Palisade fences

Palisade Fences

Fence is the perfect solution for those looking for an original and stylish fence.
This type of fence is equally suitable for contemporary and traditional projects.
An additional advantage is the ability to choose a colour solution to make the fence unique and, ideally, a complement to territory.

  • ALUZINC sheet and powder coating are the guarantee of the highest quality.
  • Representative appearance
  • Contemporary Design
  • Different colours
  • Extensive optional equipment-Nonesthetic frame in fencing sections
    -Corrosion guarantee for 5 years
    ALUZINC Sheet and Powder Coating
    Mega hits in recent years


    RAL 8019
    RAL 8017
    RAL 7040
    RAL 7030
    RAL 9005
    RAL 6005
    RAL 7016
    RAL 7021

    Fence PP 002 (P305) – an absolute novelty.

    Thanks to the use of modern materials, fence is created that differs from other models available on the market due to its aesthetics.

    The main element of the P305 system is an XPS slab, which, in addition to channel reinforcement, is additionally covered with polyester sheets on both sides (also used in the manufacture of roofing materials).
    This coating not only protects it, but also provides aesthetic, non-standard and modern look.

    & nbsp;

    • High Corrosion Resistance
    • Ultra-modern design
    • Integrated system
    • Color RAL 7021 STRUCTURE
    • Extensive optional equipment- Quick and easy installation
      – Finish with polyester sheet
      -An corrosion guarantee for 5 years
      – Light and modern shape& nbsp;

      PP002 DIVERSO

      DIVERSO is a fence that can be designed independently.
      The use of different profiles, their order of placement and spacing between them is the parameters that can be chosen according to your wishes.
      This option guarantees an optimal choice of fences.

      – Ability to design independently
      -For any profiles of ordering
      – Any distance between profiles
      – ALUZINC sheet and powder coating combination
      – Anchorage guarantee for 5 years
      – Diversity of profiles

      Fence PP 002 (P102) is ideal for those who appreciate privacy.
      No one can view your site using this type of fence.
      A new, previously unavailable 100 × 20 mm profile is used.

      Can be used for one-family houses as well as commercial buildings.
      A complete line of modular elements and gates allows you to complement the fence in accordance with the requirements of construction and the surrounding landscape. This system differs not only in a modern and representative design, but also with the highest quality and long-term anti-corrosion guarantee.

      • Contemporary Design
      • Innovative Elegance Form
      • Unique style& nbsp;- For additional corrosion protection, paint coating is fitted on (suitable in powder form) available under the RAL colour palette.
        – All fence iron elements cross the hot dip galvanizing process according to EN ISO 1461 standard DIN 50976 tZnO.
        – Can be used for one-family houses as well as commercial buildings.

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